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I’m enchanted with the poetry in the pouring and scraping of wax… whether it’s on wood or paper I thoroughly enjoy the process of working with intention, controlling the medium and letting it go.

I prefer this medium because it allows me to create visual depth and work in multiple dimensions with total freedom…

Encaustics for me is all about experimentation and constantly pushing your own creative boundaries and those of the medium. In my encaustic pieces on wood I work each layer with intensity pouring and carving to create movement and depth, energizing each layer with color using oilsticks, pigments, crayons or graphite. When I do encaustic on paper, I enjoy creating strong textures exploring the fragility of the wax and paper interaction… I like pushing their physical limits working with a torch and using gauzes, props and natural elements to set the story line when pouring but letting the wax ultimately narrate on its own.

Sometimes mixing different media keeps me inspired. When I work with mixed media (oils, acrylics, inks and graphite) I enjoy how different themes, mediums and processes react with each other, complementing or rejecting themselves. I am very much drawn to pushing those interactions to the limit and when I find that balance I consider my work finished. It’s a process that can last hours, days or years — and when it finally happens it brings a wealth of personal gratification.



Solo show Entropia(S) at El Portón in Málaga