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International Artists Retreat

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International forum for encaustic artists to network and learn with Ellen Koment and Belen Millan while getting to know Andalucia and the city of Malaga. Past retreats from artists coming from Europe, Australia and the US took place in 2014 and 2016 for an entire week.

The following has been key in the success of our previous Encaustic retreats:

  • Flexibiliy in the hands of the artists: Our encaustic classes are set up in the mornings with the afternoons available for cultural activities OR more studio time… students appreciate the flexibility of being able to choose between both of them.
  • Group instruction but personal time for one-on-ones reviews: Group demos and personal feedback… Students are given the option to spend time with us individually for one-on-one reviews – and pretty much all students choose the latter.
  • Exploring the real local culture with off-the-beaten-path experiences: Learning about local wine by actually visiting the slopes in the mountains where the grapes are grown, savoring a paella cooked over a wood fire on the beach, or learning about the olive oil industry by visiting the oldest working cold press oil mill in Spain are some of the activities that help us gain real insight into Spanish culture.
  • Urban and rural experiences – we visit the top museums and urban cultural sites in town, but we also spend time up in the mountains wandering around, sketching to bring back ideas to the studio and also tasting the local wine and Andalucian cuisine far away from the usual tourist trails.

Don´t miss our upcoming encaustic retreat in the spring of 2018. For more information please visit us at

This retreat is taught by Ellen Koment and Belen Millan. If you are interested in participating in other upcoming international artists retreats, please contact Belen Millan for further information.

Testimonials by some artists who did the previous encaustic retreats with us…

Donna Hamil (Massachusetts):

“I was ready to start my next series but unhappily unclear about exactly where to go.  Now I know and have experimented with techniques that will help me achieve what I want. I appreciated your enormous energy and organization, ever-present support in the studio, and your desire for us to be exposed to the totality of your country.  I learned a lot about your food, and the trip ended up also being a gourmet treat…the workshop was just perfect for me.”

Dianna Shomaker (New Mexico):

“There are many reasons people go to workshops. Artists are not just taking the time to learn how to be better artists (that’s always the hope of course). But for me it is also the social interaction, the sparks of new ideas, the creativity and the energy of everyone working to create in an inspiring environment. This workshop was not only all of that but it was a great cultural immersion into life in Malaga and Spain. I LOVED it.”

Maria Damiry Meza (Venezuela):

“I learnt a great deal about the technical aspects of handling wax and pigments. However, of even more importance was what I was taught about artistic form, design and composition. I was uncertain if I had the necessary skill and creativity to be a professional artist. After the course I feel confident of myself and my ability to embark on the challenge of producing really high-class work. Attending the course was a fantastic experience for me and I would recommend it whole-hardheartedly to anyone who has a serious interest in encaustic art.”



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